Monday, January 24, 2011

Newspaper Article

Reading each article from Al Jazeera, i find that they cover a large portion of world news and don't specify on any one country. Al Jazeera's front page had everything from Western Europe, where in Moscow a suicide bomber destroyed a large portion of the airport and killed 35 people and wounding many more, to a man charged in Arizona for attempted assassination, to the local but also very global palestine-israel conflict. Al Jazeera covers nearly every country that has a large impact or has a good story to tell.
The Times doesn't even remotely come close to the amount that any other international paper covers. While Al Jazeera and the Guardian make their front page all about international news, the New York times gives only one international story per front page. Anything that is not directly related to the United States tends to be pushed into the world section of the paper, which is extensive in itself, but not many people actually go to the World section unless they read it religiously.
I found the Guardian a bit interesting, because it had only a small portion of its front page directed at local news, and that was only really sports news, which can be considered international because the Barclays Premier league is the most internationally watched sports league of any kind. The Guardian format seemed very... British I suppose is the word. Clean, concise and extremely modest. where NY times and Al Jazeera have interesting flash bars that you can interact with to switch between viewing story snippets, they had nothing but a basic layout of what looked like a newspaper. There was even a home page article about the United States that didn't make it on the NY times front page, or even on the front page of the political section of the NY times.
One thing that every paper did agree on was news, was Obama's new popularity as he rose in the polls. I found it slightly funny that the only thing everyone could truly agree on was that the United States leader gaining in the poll was more significant than the political upheaval in Tunisia.
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  1. Could you give me some details about any particular story?

  2. Sure, Gabrielle Gifford democratic representative, was the victim of the assassination. Not as large as the Moscow suicide bombers, who were supposedly linked to terrorists in the Northern Caucases. It was mentioned in every single paper, no specific group has claimed responsibility, but it appeared to be detonated too early. The intended target would have been much more catastrophic had it actually gone through successfully. The one international piece from the New York times was their piece about China, who were basically talking about the new president coming into power.